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The Study of Counterpoint, translated Alfred Mann ISBN 9780393002775
Counterpoint Workbook by Ken Kennan ISBN 0130810525
The Art of Counterpoint, by Gioseffo Zarlino ISBN 9780393008333
Eighteenth Century Counterpoint by Robert Gauldin ISBN 0881338532
Direct Approach to Counterpoint in 16th Century Style by Gustave Soderlund
Counterpoint: the Polyphonic Vocal Style of the 16th Century by Knud Jeppesen.
ISBN 780486270364

Perspectives on Schoenberg and Stravinsky, ed by Boretz ISBN 9780393006186
Schoenberg by Pierrot Lunaire ISBN 9780521387156
György Ligeti by Paul Griffiths ISBN 0860512401
Pierre Boulez by Dominiuqe Jameux ISBN 0674667409
Berg: Violin Concerto by Anthony Pople ISBN 052399769
Lexicon of Musical Invective: Critical Assaults on Composters since Beethoven by Nicolas
Slinimsky ISBN 0295785799
Wagner on Conducting by Richard Wagner ISBN 9780486259321
The Atonal Music of Anton Webern by Allen Forte 0300072526
The Operas of Alban Berg Vol. 1 by George Perle 0520034406
The Operas of Alban Berg Vol. 2 by George Perle. ISBN 0520066162
Introduction to the Theory of Heinrich Schenker by Oslwad Jonas ISBN 0582282276

The Harmonic Organization of The Rite of Spring by Allen forte ISBN 0300105371
Culture and Value by Ludwig Wittgenstein ISBN 9780226904351
Sonata Forms by Charles Rosen ISBN 0393302199
Musical Structure and Design by Cedric Davie
Exposition and Developments by Igor Stravinsky & Robert Craft ISBN 0520044037
Form in Tonal Music by Douglas Green 030461057
Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis by Allen Forte ISBN 0393951827
Modus Votus By Lars Edlund
When Music Resists Meaning : Writings of Herbert Brün ISBN 9780819566706
Structural Hearing: Tonal Coherence in Music by Felix Salzer 9780486222752

die Reihe by Anton Webern
Science & Music by Sir James Jeans ISBN 0486619648
Harmonic Rhythm by Joseph Swain ISBN 0195150872
Phrasing and Articulation by Hermann Keller ISBN 9780393006810
Five Graphic Music Analyses by Heinrich Schenker. ISBN 0486222942
Harmony & Voice Leading 3RD Ed by Edward Aldwell ISBN 9780155062429
Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory 3rd Ed by Joseph Straus ISBN 0131898906
Ear Training for Twentieth Century Music by Michael Friedmann ISBN 9780300045376
Musical Composition by Reginald Smith Brindle. ISBN 9780193171077
Analytic Approaches to Twentieth-Century Music by Joel Lester ISBN 9780393957624
Analysis by Ian Bent ISBN 0333417313
The Great Composer as Teacher and Student by Alfred Mann ISBN 048628316x
The Rhythmic Structure of Music by Grosvenor Cooper ISBN ISBN 0226113216

A Philosophy of Music Education by Bennett Reimer ISBN 0136638813
Teaching Approaches in Music Theory by Michael Rogers ISBN. 080931147x

Medieval Music by Richard Hoppin. ISBN 03930909006
Examples of Gregorian Chant and Works by Orlandus Lassus, Giovanni Palestrina, Marc

Bridge to Twentieth Century Music by Paul Harder
A History of Western Music by Donald Grout
Historical Anthology of Music by Archibald Davison ISBN 0674393007

German Expressionism
Expressionism, by Norbert Wolf
The Expressionists, by Wolf-Dieter Dube 1972 ISBN 9780500201237
The Era of German Expressionism, ed by Paul Raabe ISBN 0879512334
Expressionism, by Shulamith Behr ISBN 0521788471
German Expressionists: Blue Rider School, by Olga Neigemont

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