American Guinea Hog piglets - $275 (Randolph)

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Are you thinking about raising your own pork to ensure your family has meat on the table that is healthy to eat? Do you want to know that your pig has been fed properly and is not injected with meds or fillers? Then consider raising your own American Guinea Hog for meat; the original homestead pig. They do not get overly large and do not require great amounts of food daily. These docile hogs pasture well and enjoy eating hay along with their organic mash mixture which has no soy but uses peas for protein. They do not take as much feed to bring to weight as a traditional hog; however, they do take a bit longer to grow. One pig harvested at 15 months can provide your family with plenty of rich, dark pork and lard for baking. We have also harvested them as roasters and they are delicious. Their meat is prized by chefs for its wonderful texture and flavor. And, because they are harvested when you want, you can process them yourself if you prefer.

Our current group of piglets is two weeks old and will be ready to go to their new homes in 6 weeks. We will have a couple gilts (girls) available at $275 each that can be registered if you wish, along with other castrated males at $135 each to grow for food. If you are looking for an intact male for breeding at a cost of $275, you must let us know NOW as they will be cut shortly. Intact male American Guinea Hogs are difficult to locate as they are a heritage breed that almost became extinct. Our offerings are extremely limited this year so make your choices and deposits now if you are interested in this special breed.

If you are not familiar with this unique and tasty breed, check out the information available at American Guinea Hog Association. Once you taste this meat, you will be hooked. Please call or text 716 35eight4nine0three if you are interested in purchasing one or more of these easy to manage meat animals. I can also be emailed; however, it takes me longer to respond to email.

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