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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my post.

I’m an inner cultivation life coach and math tutor. I believe that we are all gifted with an innate ability to learn, grow, and thrive. This includes our ability to learn math and excel in our academic pursuits.

There was a time when I thought that I was incapable of doing math. I still remember the days when I walked into my math classes and felt like everyone was speaking in a foreign language. Lacking the fundamental concepts and skills that were essential to understanding the materials covered in class, it often felt like everyone else was equipped with some math superpower that I have never been prior exposed to. I struggled with debilitating learning disabilities and a ruthless test-taking anxiety that contributed to my fear of learning math. To add to the struggle, it always felt like there were 1) too many tests and homework, and 2) too little time, money, resources, and support. I slept very little, studied until late at night, read the textbooks, reviewed my notes, looked up resources online, and sought all the help I can get. But in the end, I still failed many of my math exams. I scored an 8% on a math midterm even after sleepless nights of studying, weeks of attending all office hours, and months of working through all the homework assignments. It didn’t help that I was also overwhelmed with my other classes, my personal obligations, my family problems, my love life conflicts, my social life struggles, my financial challenges, and the list just goes on. As my lack of sleep and almost non-existent self-care continue to pile up, I battled near-death onslaughts from severe depression and a general anxiety disorder that plagued into many areas of my life. Then, on that following Spring term, I received a notice that I am on academic probation. If I fail to bring my grades up, I will be academically disqualified.

If you are experiencing any of the above challenges, my heart’s desire is to help empower you to achieve academic excellence while thriving in other areas of your life. I believe that the problem isn’t because you are not smart enough and isn’t because you cannot do math.

When I finally got caught up on the foundations that I missed, learned how to overcome my learning disabilities and test-taking anxiety, created more time and space for myself, transformed my mindset and beliefs, alchemized my inner traumas, and cultivated fulfilling relationships with other dynamics of my life, my life naturally flowed with more love, ease, fulfilment, and fun. As a cherry on top, I passed my math class (Linear Algebra) that following Spring term with an A.

I graduated from one of the University of California as magna cum laude with highest honors in Philosophy and honors in Chemistry, and eventually went to a well-regarded graduate school with a Promising Scholar Award to pursue a PhD in Mathematics. If I can do it, I know from the depth of my heart that you can do it too.

In our private 1-on-1 coaching sessions, you and I will be diving deep into understanding your inner world and navigate your available inner and outer resources so that you can tap into your natural abilities and cultivate them to attain success in your math courses and enrichment in other areas of your life.

The areas that we can explore throughout our sessions includes:

- Catching you up and strengthening you with the foundations in math that you weren’t prepared with.

- Cultivating a powerful growth mindset that will empower you through your mathematical journey and enrich other areas of your pursuits and life.

- Honing your skills around creating more space and time in your life, so that you will have enough time to not only meet the requirements of your expectations and obligations but also bring in fun, relaxation, and fulfillment in your life.

- Alchemizing your traumas, pain, fears, and struggles into your strength, growth, blessings, and contributions.

- Nurturing love, compassion, hope, and passion for yourself, your wellbeing, your relationships, your studies, your pursuits, and your life.

All sessions will be done online via Zoom.

As final exams are approaching, I feel that it is in my heart to offer you a special discounted package that encompasses both life coaching and math tutoring. My belief is that as your life gets into thriving momentum, your studies will naturally improve. Simultaneously, as your studies improve, you will have more freedom, peace of mind, confidence, and energy to invest in other areas of your life as well. It’s a winning upward spiral!

If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to a private 1-hour discovery call me with to give us a chance to get to know each other, to let you know about my coaching and tutoring structures/approaches, and to let me know a little bit about your story, what’s going on for you, and where you would like to be. It would be my honor to receive the opportunity to stand witness to your beautiful transformation and growth.
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