Harley Davidson Detachable Windshield - $230 (West Side Erie)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Harley Davidson
model name / number: AS CGF - 11
size / dimensions: 22"
Harley Davidson Super Sport Detachables - Windshield
Fits a lot of different Models it is lightly tinted and zero scratch!

Harley Davidson Quick Release Detachable Windshield in great shape minor scratches as to be expected. Sport Style, High-quality, lightly smoked polycarbonate

Mounts to the fork tubes with H-D® Detachables™ Docking Hardware (sold separately) for easy on-and-off convenience and a quick return to a sporting profile. Sells new for $310.95

The H-D Detachables Super Sport Windshield (Part Number: 57965-97A) is designed to fit the following Harley-Davidson motorcycle models:

FXDWG: Model years '93-'05.
FXWG: Model years '80-'86.
FXST, FXSTB, and FXSTC: Model years '84-'15.
To install this windshield, you’ll need to use the Docking Hardware Kit P/N 58350-961. Here are some key details about the windshield:

Mounting Style: Detachable
Overall height: 22.3 inches
Width: 17.8 inches
Material: High-quality, lightly smoked polycarbonate
It provides both detachable convenience and Harley-Davidson sport styling while shielding you from the elements

The Docking Hardware Kit for the H-D Detachables Super Sport Windshield is available for purchase. Here are the details:

Part Number: 58350-96
Price: $86.9512
You can find the Docking Hardware Kit on the official Harley-Davidson website. They offer free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns1. Here’s the link to purchase it: Docking Hardware for H-D Detachables Windshields.
instructions for installing the H-D Detachables Super Sport Windshield and the Docking Hardware Kit:

Windshield Installation:
Assemble the docking (mounting) hardware using the provided components:
Upper Clamps: These have a mounting pin.
Lower Clamps: These have a button head screw attached.
Install the lower clamps on the fork tubes, ensuring they are approximately 1/8 inch (3 mm) from the top of the lower triple clamp.
Hook the two upper windshield mounting bracket “jaws” into the grooves of the upper bushing.
Slide the windshield down until all the “jaws” of the brackets fit firmly into the bushings.
Tighten the lower docking hardware button head screws to 15 ft-lbs (20.3 Nm).
Docking Hardware Kit Installation:
The Docking Hardware Kit (Part Number: 58350-96) is required for mounting the windshield.
It fits the following models:
'93-'05 FXDWG
'80-'86 FXWG
'84-'15 FXST, FXSTB, and FXSTC.
Follow the procedures in the provided Service Manual for correct installation.
If you’re unsure or lack the necessary tools, consider having your Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation.
For more detailed instructions, you can refer to the official Harley-Davidson website: Docking Hardware for H-D Detachables Windshields
The Detachable Windshield and Docking Hardware Kit installation instructions can be found in the Harley-Davidson Service Manual for your specific motorcycle model. The service manual provides detailed step-by-step procedures to ensure proper installation.

Here are the relevant details for the kit:

Kit Number: 58397-00
Models: Designed for installation on model year 2000 and later FXSTD Softail Deuce models.
Contents: The kit includes the docking (mounting) hardware for the windshields mentioned below:
Standard-height smoked-windshield assembly (Kit 57090-00)
Low-profile smoked-windshield assembly (Kit 57824-00)
Sport smoked windshield assembly (Kit 57837-00)
Super Sport smoked-windshield assembly (Kit 57960-97)
And more (refer to the service manual for the complete list)
Please consult your Harley-Davidson dealer to obtain the Service Manual specific to your motorcycle model. The manual will provide detailed instructions, safety precautions, and illustrations to guide you through the installation process.


Information from the Harley-Davidson.com link below. Use link below to check if the part fits. Sale is final Delivery available locally for additional $20


may have to purchase the mounting brackets for the bike or take the kit off and replace with the correct kit. No keys available may replace at the Harley store.

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